Homer Alaska Fishing Charters

Half Day Charters

Half day charters are $190 Per person with a max of 14 clients unless booking the whole boat. We can accommodate up to 18 passengers on regular Charter Days. This trip is approximately 4-6 Hours. We are calling this our half day trip which is really closer to a three quarter day. It truly takes this amount of time to get on healthy fish due to drive time. This is a great trip for those concerned about sea sickness or not wanting a long day on the water. In full disclosure large halibut like in our photos are very unlikely on this trip but that doesn't stop us from having a ton of fun and of course this trip is filled with jellyfish, whale, porpoise, and otter viewing. There are typically a lot of healthy fish caught in the 10-25 pound range.  This trip is ideal for those on limited time, wishing to stay in local waters, traveling with kids and first time anglers wanting to get their feet wet.